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We carry only the best USB, USB3 and Active Extensions available.

When ordering cables, be sure to say what make and model camera it is for. This is so we can be sure we are sending you the correct cable.

Short camera cables. For ease of shooting and changing locations, the shorter cable is recommended. Used along with the Tripp Lite Active 16’ USB3 extension. USB3 extensions work exceptionally well with standard USB cables. The 2’ cable attached to the 16’ USB cable, also acts as a break point should someone trip over the tether cable.

For studio photographers, the 14’ cable is often the best the way to go. And you can always add the Tripp Lite Active 16’ extension.

Active Extension. You can use up to 2 USB3 active extensions in series. For a total of 32’ of cable, plus the length of the cable attached to the camera. The USB3 active extension, boosts the signal to keep the digital files flowing to the computer.

Why use 90 degree camera cables? The point of shooting tethered and using TetherBLOCK® is to protect the camera data port on your camera. The 90 degree cable fits tight against the camera and is far less likely to get knocked and damage the camera port. Having a cable sticking straight out of the side of the camera is very susceptible to being knocked or bent in a way that can increase your chances of damaging the camera data port.


Most TetherBLOCK® orders are shipped using United States Postal Service – Priority Mail.  It is the easiest way to ship TetherBLOCK® within the United States and Internationally at a reasonable cost.


Small Flat Rate Box  U.S. –  $7.95  •  International – $34.95
Fits up to two (2) TetherBLOCK®s or any two (2) items.

Medium Flat Rate Box  U.S. – $15.95  •  International – $71.95
Fits up to six (6) TetherBLOCK®s or any six (6) items.

Expedite International Shipping (most countries)

United States Postal Service Priority – starts at $35 (2-3 weeks for delivery)
FedEx International Economy – Starts at $54.00 (approx. 4-6 day service)
UPS International Economy – Starts at $70.00 (approx. 1 week delivery)

Please email sales@tetherblock.com for shipping to the United Kingdom or for more details on International shipping costs and time.

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